Practice what you preach

How important is this and how important is it that you look the part for what you do.

This came into my head the other day, there was a charity event here the other week, I won’t mention the charity, But a chap that was working for them and even had committee on his T-shirt, was frequently appearing outside my window behind the tree having a cigarette, constantly keeping an eye out for passers by, this charity works on Cancer.

Those of you that know me, know that I’m not a good advert for what I do, due to my rubbish left leg which I’m constantly working on!! 😀

So, How important is it that someone you work with has been there and done it or is still doing it? Does it have any effect on their effectiveness in helping you, or on the other side of things, does them being very good at what they’re doing, make them better at helping you?

Let me know your thoughts! 


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