Personal Training

Sports Massage

Personal Training

I have worked with beginners to exercise, all the way up to international athletes and everything in-between

I can help you in a number of ways

Rehabilitation post injury or operation
Food diary analysis including nutrition plan and dietary advice
Lose weight permanently
Increase your fitness
Build muscle
Improve your performance at your sport
Train for an event
Tone up for your holiday
Be able to move day to day without pain stopping you

I will help you get the best results

Having had multiple complicated knee replacements I was struggling to walk when I first started working with Paul, 9 months ago. I was also in constant pain. I am delighted that I recently walked 6 miles and look and feel so well. Now that I have more muscle my pain has reduced enormously. I’m 59 and when I started with Paul my body age was 71 and now it is 51. Paul’s commitment, encouragement and knowledge has enabled me to enjoy life again .

Nicola Carr
Personal Training Client

Paul succeeds in achieving the rare balance of motivation and sympathy! He knows when to push you and when to hang back. He manages to stretch you (in every sense) to exceed expectations and push past your goals. He is genuinely encouraging and gives praise without being false or over the top.

His knowledge of muscles and structure of the body is in depth and very reassuring – knowing what is just a niggle and what is more serious.

He makes all my sessions unique and above all fun – mixing up and varying activities to prevent boredom and repetition. He pushes me very hard every session but we also always have a good laugh, in amongst the pain! I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone looking for an engaging, charismatic and fun personal trainer to work with them to achieve their goals.

Jo Walton
Personal Training Client

Sports Massage

I have a wealth of experience in sports massage, including working with post-injury recovery

Sports massage is not just for sports people.  Treatments also benefit general pain and discomfort as well as postural and stress related conditions often caused by modern living.

It is too a fantastic way for athletes to stay at the top of their game by helping to prevent and treat injuries, correct postural and muscle imbalances; relieve muscle tension and, decrease recovery time and aid athletes pre and post event.

Struggling with a problem? Get in contact and let me help you with it.

Paul came to the rescue when I had an extremely painful shoulder today . It was a pretty painful experience but I am pretty optimistic that by tomorrow I will be back at the gym slinging heavy weights around.

Marian Garrett
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